Translational Science

The process of translating complex data into accessible information is called “Translational Research.”

If your goal is to improve patient health, your audience (patients, physicians and payers) needs to understand how to translate scientific discoveries into practical applications.

Risk & Symptom Assessors:

Every year in the U.S., patients will visit a doctor OVER 1 billion times (CDC). Nearly all of these patient-physician interactions will involve discussion of risks and symptoms. Translational Science tools help bridge the educational gap for patients and explain how these risks and symptoms impact disease and comorbidities.

Our portfolio includes working on 100’s of health risk tools, symptom assessors and custom solutions that are ALL evidence-based. These tools can be used for advocacy, as well as branded and unbranded campaigns.

We work seamlessly with your digital agency, CRM and data analytics groups, and are experts at navigating Medical, Legal and Regulatory review process.

Value (Budget Impact) Tools & Calculators:

We create visually-compelling and user-friendly Value Models and Health Calculators for:
  • Cost-offset
  • Budget Impact
  • Cost-effectiveness and Cost-minimization
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