• COVID-19 Immunity is Not Static
  • Aug 11 2021
    COVID-19 immunity CANNOT be explained as “on or off” (like a light switch). It should be looked at more as a “dimmer switch”.The conversation must change. COVID-19 immunity is NOT simply “vaccinated...
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  • COVID-19: Will We Need Boosters or Not?
  • May 03 2021
     Apparently, I was not the only one to think Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla was out-of-line for his recent statements stating that people will need COVID-19 vaccine boosters on an annual basis.There ...
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  • Better Loosen It!
  • Apr 01 2021
    Masks help lessen the viral load of COVID-19 transmission, so until COVID-19 is tamed, they are a good idea.However, wearing masks daily can have some unfortunate consequences. It may cause mass ...
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